rep Zac “Metallic”
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rep Zac “Metallic”

Presenting music’s most innovative area with a retro-futurism twist to it, rep Zac has taken the sub-genre synthwave to the next level. With his punching baselines, catchy melodies and haunting harmonies, rep Zac is surely on the road to being the King of Synthwave.

Starting off as a music producer at the age of 17, he would produce tracks for artists trying to make a name for themselves. Collaborating with multiple people around his hometown, he grew inspiration from the music era that he felt most closest with, the 80’s. After months and months or working and making his own style, rep Zac debuted with his hit “Miami Love”, which was apart of his debut record “The Wave of Synth”. rep Zac took his inspiration from the 80s to new heights. Putting out two more records “1984” and “Pisces”, rep Zac is making his mark on the synthwave scene, and the music industry.

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