RiverGhost “Sleeping Giant”
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RiverGhost “Sleeping Giant”

“Sleeping Giant” comes in as the fourth single to be released by RiverGhost this year. Keeping things consistent, the band brings rock and roll into the forefront while incorporating all the best elements of rhythm and blues to define their sound. “Sleeping Giant” has familiar warm, twangy guitar tones and the quintessential blend of velvety yet bold vocals found in RiverGhost’s discography. The band spares nothing in delivering their message that confronts history- past and present, demanding to be heard. “Sleeping Giant” is now available on all streaming platforms.

While RiverGhost has been in action since 2021, they bring their groovy rock and roll sound to 2022 with their long awaited on-record debut. This blues rock act captures the essence of classic bands like Guns n’ Roses, The Black Crowes and Aerosmith with a fresh take on that sacred sound. Bringing in elements of soul, rhythm and blues and country wrapped in rock and roll, RiverGhost is paving their way as a band for all listeners to enjoy.

“‘Sleeping Giant’ by RiverGhost is hard rock track infused with southern rock and blues. Think of a harder-edged Brother Cane or cousins to Blackstone Cherry. The track has a catchy heavy main riff that grabs your attention and drives the song. There’s a nice bridge transition before taking you home with the chorus refrain; if you are into heavy rock infused with some southern rock and blues elements, check out this track.”
– Jason Johantges, ‘All Things Blues & Southern Rock’

“Reminiscent of Zakk Wylde. It could be an outtake of the Pride and Glory sessions.” – Brian Jones,’ All Things Blues & Southern Rock’

Tim Dolbear, producer on the track mentions: “Kaige and Randy (Boots) work together like they have been on the same team for their entire lives, kind of a Steven Tyler/Joe Perry synergy when they are in the room together. In the studio, working with the team was just effortless. All I had to do was stay out of the way and not mock it up.”

-Official bio

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