ROWSIE “Christmas in Soho”
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ROWSIE “Christmas in Soho”

UK band ROWSIE are kind of like listening to the best mixtape you made for a boy/girl who left you. With elements of punk rock, indie and Americana they write songs about political issues and personal issues all with the same intensity and fire.

Their live shows have been igniting audiences with the fire and passion in which they are delivered. Hatched in a studio on London’s Kings Road in 2021 ROWSIE have now released two singles and the one EP on their own Ivy RecRods label supported by live shows around the UK and in May 2022 traveling to Mexico City. “The trip to Mexico was incredible! They view rock and roll as the music of protest still, so it really felt fresh and alive with energy”, says ROWSIE frontman Richard Rothenberg.

ROWSIE are finishing off the year launching nights in conjunction with Ivy RecRods at central London’s newest club The Lower Third which is smack in the middle of the remaking of world famous Denmark Street! You can feel the history under your boots… The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and The Sex Pistols all rehearsing and recording on the street.

‘Christmas in Soho’ is the next release from the band on November 21 2022. It’s a story of love, loss and goat-head rings during the Christmas season. It follows on from the high-octane ‘Gaslight’ that picked up airplay on stations in the UK and through the video that captured the bands energy.

‘This is a song that takes place at Christmas, not strictly a Christmas song’ says Richard of their latest single ‘Christmas in Soho’. It’s a story about how love and communication can breakdown. How we can be the last to know that it ain’t working… even when all the outside looks so romantic, so perfectly beautiful.

With the band delivering a solid rock’n’roll track driving it all home. It’s a song that treats the season with the realism it seldomly elicits. No forced comfort and joy mentality…reminding us of the loss and heartbreak that often comes with the holidays.

The next collection of songs have been recorded in the world famous RAK studios with engineer Isabel Gracefield. Releasing across the coming months the first LP will be ready for September and released through Ivy RecRods. in 2023 The band will be playing shows in the UK and heading to Europe & USA next spring and most likely Mexico as well.

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