Russell Louder “Come Around”
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Russell Louder “Come Around”

Expressive artist Russell Louder released their new single, ’Come Around’, which was premiered by CLASH Magazine, on the 16th of September via Lisbon Lux Records. Their debut album, HUMOR, was chosen for the 2021 Polaris Prize Long List and named one of Exclaim!’s 29 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2021. A finalist in CBC Music’s 2019 Searchlight competition, the musician has had their recently released single ‘Mirror’ reach CBC Music’s Top 20 and remain there for 4 weeks, and was featured on CBC Radio 1, 3, and Q. The popular culture magazine VICE interviewed Russell Louder who has received noteworthy support from tastemaker publications Vancouver Sun, Consequence of Sound, Le Devoir, NOW Magazine, Under The Radar, Louder Than War, and Retro Pop among others, helping them accumulate over 700k streams across platforms.

Russell Louder (they/them) is a songwriter, producer, and performer who was born and raised in Epekwitk, Prince Edward Island, Canada, but currently pays rent in Tiohtià:ke, Montreal, Canada. They carry their music with a powerful and clear voice reminiscent of Florence and the Machine, Eurythmics, and La Roux. You only have to see Russell Louder in concert once to fall for the luminous and authentic world they’ve built–both poignant and danceable. One could compare their music to Annie Lennox, and London Grammar.

An unrelenting bass line is the first element of ‘Come Around’ listeners will notice. Driving the record forward, it walks around in thick-soled leather boots, stomping out embers of anything less than great. with a heavy downbeat, an unstoppable kick drum reinforces Russell Louder’s central message, conveying attitude and drama.

Russell Louder discusses the inspiration behind their new single: “Come Around is a pop sharp-tongued symphonic play-by-play of a duplicitous figure in my life reeling me into their web of deceit. Instead of analyzing my experience, I used the writing of the song as a space for imagining what the other could have been thinking or strategizing. Often I find it hard to draw on musical influence for a particular song but I remember that the early demos for Come Around were created when I was listening to a lot of Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, and Dead or Alive.”

-Official bio

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