Sabatta “Get Over Yourself”
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Sabatta “Get Over Yourself”

London alternative-psychedelic rock artist Sabatta has released his new single ‘Get Over Yourself’, an ode to the obliviously self-important and the second taste of his new album ‘How To Get Even’ (out on November 17 via Blackfriars Entertainment) with a video that introduces the unique guitar – The Pick! Aka AfroGuitar!

‘Get Over Yourself’ deals with ‘build em up, break em down’ celebrity culture via a barrage of grimy riffs, pumping bass and pounding drums.This relentless rocker is anchored by a heavy and hypnotic chorus, which backs the vocal mantra of the track’s title! Also included is a shredfest solo, as ferocious as a social media comment section! Beware, no one is safe, as the saying goes ‘the internet is undefeated!’

Revolving around guitarist and songwriter Yinka Oyewole, who was raised in Essex and is of Nigerian lineage, Sabatta crafts a raw and individual sound with spiky guitar and an inimitable voice, like a mix of Hendrix, QOTSA and early Red Hot Chili Peppers strained through the sieve of South London. And it’s no wonder with musical influences ranging from Curtis Mayfield, Prince, Tupac and Hendrix to Bad Brains, Thin Lizzy, Parliament / Funkadelic and Black Sabbath.

“Inspiration for ‘Get Over Yourself’ came from the current thirst for fallen idols. It’s like a modern day version of human sacrifice, but lives have been replaced by reputations and the Gods are the insatiable beasts of social media opinion. Beware, no one is safe, as the saying goes ‘the internet is undefeated!” says Yinka Oyewole.

The album’s lead single ”Get Your Shit Together’** **is a wake up call to the masses. A funkadelic groove-laden track that is as addictive as it is memorable, the video for ‘Get Your Shit Together’ explores what happens when the opposing sides of our conscience come to life.

Yinka Oyewole says “this is the most cohesive and free Sabatta album I’ve produced. It’s also the most raw and unfiltered. I love storytelling, I love guitar playing, I love grooves. And I love being my own person, even if that’s seen as rebellious or contrary, on the new album I’m just being me.”

Produced and mixed by Yinka Oyewole**,** this album was recorded by Alex Franklinos at Shrunken Heads Studio (King Krule, Ghostpoet, Songdog, Domino Records) and mastered at London’s EC Mastering** (Sony, Universal, BBC)**,

Yinka Oyewole began making noise with Sabatta’s debut album** ‘Middle Of the Night’, released in 2015. With their sound, being compared to Hendrix and QOTSA, but  with an edge like Bad Brains and The Clash, the album’s lead single ‘Politician’ garnered national play on BBC 6 Music**, setting the band off touring nationally.

As of October 27, ‘Get Over Yourself’ will be available across digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music** **and Bandcamp. Sabatta’s album ‘How To Get Even’ will be released on Friday, November 17.

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