Sacha “nothing else”
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Sacha “nothing else”


Based in Paris, SACHA is the musical project of multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Sacha Arnaud, formerly known as Johnny Longlegs. Following years of creative work and touring with many different artists and bands in the Berlin and Paris scenes, SACHA is now unveiling his debut EP, CHANGE OF HEART, a turning point of his career and the start of a deep search for authenticity, as he delves into themes of family and identity.

In anticipation of the upcoming EP, SACHA has released two live performance videos of songs that were written under the moniker of Johnny Longlegs. These are 100% live, with no edit and all filmed in just one shot by the talented Reuben Bocobza, who used analog camera lenses on his digital camera.

“Nothing Else” was written about a period of time where SACHA didn’t have his own place. Living a vagabond lifestyle, the songwriter shares, “I was free flowing, moving from city to city on tour, working on music or just visiting friends and family. It was an incredible experience but it also shed a lot of light on how lonely I feel a lot of the time and for that, this song is precious to me.” “Nothing Else” features gentle plucky guitars that accompany SACHA’s velvet vocals, before spine-tingling harmonies enter resulting in a simple yet celestial release.

“Flowers” is a love story written after meeting someone in California, just before the pandemic started. He confides, “We only hung out a few times in L.A, had a couple dates and we never saw each other again after that.” The song expresses the journey of going through the intense feeling of love, making everything magical, reaching heights you didn’t know existed before and then falling back down to the ground. The heartwarming track glows with a warmth, with raw and romantic lyrics that float delicately over organic instrumentation.

CHANGE OF HEART is slated for release later this year. Stay tuned for more, as SACHA enters his new chapter.

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