Said Sara “Bleedways”
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Said Sara “Bleedways”

Said Sara is a genuine extension of Benson’s essence. As a child of the 70’s, he grew up on the singer-songwriters of that era of emergence: Baez, Stevens, Croce, Taylor, Buckingham, Mitchell.

But Benson was/is a metal-head and a punk (yes, both) in the 80s, 90s and beyond. In 2008, he joined crust punk-turned death metal warhorse Acephalix, of which he remains the drummer. He also currently sits behind the kit for post-hardcore vs. electronic noise denomination Plaguestate.

There is a 2-way passage between the poppy, acoustic-rooted Said Sara and the aforementioned strains of sonic extremity: Transition. David spent 15 years as guitarist/vocalist-turned vocalist of this genre-obscuring clique, whose sole full-length, 1994’s Spine, was released by Black Flag guitarist GregGinn’s ultra-legendary SST Records.

Single Bleedways was born of necessity. Its roots scratched at Benson as if begging for expulsion. Its chords came almost instantly, and its shape morphed and refined itself until it breathed on its own. Its
lyrical concept, similarly, is of purging.

The spiral frustration from years of attempting to erase — to strikethrough — ones past failures can ultimately lead to acceptance via ownership. We are as defined by our moments of horror as we are by our moments of peace. Passion-project turned compulsory infatuation, Said Sara will go live as soon as safety permits.

Initial performances will be of the stripped-down nature, though expansions in any direction are certainly possible. Said Sara, from its inception, has been driven by unrestricted instinct. It is formed of true heartland avidity, and its confinements are few.

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