Sanz Mantra “The Silent Crowd”
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Sanz Mantra “The Silent Crowd”

Sanz Mantra is the project name for Mark Hughes, a songwriter and producer based in Melbourne’s inner north. Hughes honed his musicianship over many years gigging around Victoria as a singer and guitarist. During that time Hughes learned how to produce and arrange music in commercial studios, and now works from his own home studio producing rock, funk and classic singer/songwriter influenced jams.

Sanz Mantra’s debut release, ‘The Silent Crowd’, beautifully addresses the sobering, timeless questions which often appear during moments of self-examination and personal reflection. Familiar emotions echo loudly throughout this song.

Summed up by Hughes below:

“The Silent Crowd came to me in a period of my life when I was feeling adrift and let down by people around me. Writing ‘The Silent Crowd’ was a cathartic experience, helping me realize what was really going on in my life. I hope listeners connect with it in their own meaningful way.” – Mark Hughes

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