Schlindwein “Textures”
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Schlindwein “Textures”

Textures’ is the second single of the second album, which is anticipated in July 2021. This track has a classic house feel with a deep and sexy bass groove and that beloved organ sound. ‘I learned chess as a kid from my dad and even was in the local chess club for a short time.

When the pandemic started I really got back into it thanks to , Lichess and the awesome online tournaments. Now not a day goes by where I am not playing a rapid game or watch some chess videos! And I think it’s time to get chess out of the „boring/nerd/classical music“ niche and into Pop-Culture!’

Schlindwein is an up-and-coming Berlin based pianist, composer and producer. His music has been used on USA hit TV series “How To Get Away With Murder“, and has been occupying some of the biggest editorial playlists on Spotify and Apple Music regularly.

His debut LP ‘Piano and Electronic Ensemble Op.1’ reached over 1 Million streams and received critical acclaim from electronic veteran artists like Robot Koch and Emika.
And again Schlindwein worked with NHOAH and his Label R.O.T Records in top class studios in Berlin and Vienna to deliver a production at the highest level.

Classically inspired compositions and electronic sounds merge into his own world of dreamy, lush atmospheres while creating seamless transitions between Neoclassic, Electronica and Deep House.

With his second album ‘Piano Tales’ he has created another musical journey where he is exploring the sonic possibilities of his main instrument in the electronic realm. Each track has its own distinct character, going from intimate and vulnerable to energetic and up-lifting, while always keeping the recognizable melodic piano lines at heart.

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