Seven Layer Piano Cakes “Holy Water”
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Seven Layer Piano Cakes “Holy Water”

“Holy Water” is a dark alternative rock song meant for this time of year, with the sun setting earlier and earlier. It’s about making the best of what often feels like a world that is continuing to fall apart. The song ebbs and flows, and builds to an all-encompassing sonic cloudburst.

The track was written by Seven Layer Piano Cakes (Justin Hoyt), and produced by Hoyt and his long-time collaborator Ian Stahl (Kingsize Soundlabs), and mastered by Steven Fallone of Sterling Sound. 

Hoyt, a classically trained pianist and vocalist, was inspired to write, perform and produce music that is a throwback to the complexities and sounds of different prior eras.

One thing is always consistent with Seven Layer Piano Cakes – regardless of the song, you will always get some seventh chords, myriad musical layers, and intricate vocal harmonies (the “cakes”). Hence the name.

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