Six Missing “Peaceful One”
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Six Missing “Peaceful One”

Thoughtful producer Six Missing will be releasing his latest EP Intention II on the 9th of December via Sea Level Sounds. On the project, listeners are urged to discover the gentle record ‘Peaceful One’ that premiered on Sonofmarketing. The EP follows the release of his soothing single ‘Loving Kindness’, which garnered attention from well-known tastemaker magazines CLASH Magazine and Orb Mag. With 1.5 million streams across platforms, the musician has previously earned publication support from Stack/Bounce Chord and Tome To The Weather Machine, while his music has been aired on KEXP’s Pacific Notions Show and featured on chill-out music YouTube channels Ambient and Cosmic Soundwaves.

Six Missing discusses the idea behind the EP: “‘Intention II’ is a follow-up EP to ‘Intention’, which I released on New Year’s Day 2022. I loved the idea of sharing music intended for those wishing to sit and set clear intentions, versus resolutions, for the year ahead. I wanted to be able to give the listener a soundtrack for their meditation, a gentle place to exist while going inward. As with ‘Intention’, the track names are suggestions for words to meditate on.”

Intent on presenting a project with a definite purpose, Six Missing has crafted his latest EP in the hope that it will help calm the monkey mind. Like walking through a lush green meadow, Intention II captivates us with stunning details, sun-kissed chords and chirping bird song, easing us into a sense of wholeness. Caught in the moment, we can’t help but breathe it all in.

Six Missing is the studio project of the award-winning sound designer and composer TJ Dumser, who helped score, design, and engineer the audio for numerous film shorts and series, including Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Witchcraft Motion Picture Company Presents Horror Anthology: Volume 1, and For Hemingway to name a few. His cinematic soundscapes lend themselves to film, TV, and activities where words fail to capture meaning. He finds inspiration in the work of notable creatives such as Harold Budd, Tangerine Dream and Fleet Foxes, while his own work can be likened to that of Nils Frahm, Brian Eno, Olafur Arnalds.

Originating from New York City, New York, TJ Dumser was born musical. As a toddler, he thrived on performing for his family, and as his love for music grew, so did his ability: TJ first learned to play the piano, then the guitar. Currently based in Austin, Texas, USA, TJ combines his obsession for sound with his love of meditation, releasing a soothing blend of lush ambient textures under the Six Missing moniker. 

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