Sloe Honey “Lovesick”
woman with painted tears on her face

Sloe Honey “Lovesick”

Alternative/ Ethereal Soul artist, Sloe Honey, the alias for songwriter/performer Melissa Trinchere, has a sweet story behind it and was introduced in September of 2022, as a reference to Fiona Apple and her song, “Slow Like Honey.” 

The spelling was changed “Sloe” to reference the sloe berry as it is related to roses, which are Trinchere’s birth flower, and Melissa means “Honey Bee.”  She states, “I fascinated with Etymology and the origin of the Melissae is that they are bee nymphs who are considered divine messengers, conduits for prophecy and speakers of divine truths. I feel all of this embodies me and my WHY for being an artist and musician.” 

On February 24th, the LA-based songwriter welcomed the third single and title track of her debut album Lovesick (out May 12, 2023). “The new track is of the empowering variety, a reminder to stay strong in times of trouble. It’s a very personal song, influenced by the singer-songwriter’s own very private experiences, but it’s certainly a song that would strike a wide appeal, thanks to its very relatable subject matter.”

-Official bio

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