Snowhaus “I Ain’t Scared”
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Snowhaus “I Ain’t Scared”

Snowhaus is a band like a snowman. It was made for a season and never melted. Founded in 2012 by Nathan Galloway, Snowhaus consisted of almost entirely different members than it does today, and more of them.

What started as a 5-piece indie rock band has over the years gone through countless iterations and experimentation. Galloway says he never intended this to be the case; he’s played in a variety of other bands and formed different projects in addition to Snowhaus, but despite his musical growth and that of his bandmates, the band continued on, slowly cycling in and out of other band members that were eager to take up the reigns and push the project forward.

After a few early years of releases, the band rebranded as “emo-revival” releasing an EP titled “Nobscot”, touring extensively as a 4-piece in the northeast, east coast, and midwest, which eventually led them in a more experimental, performative rock direction. The band released “Ice Fields”, and followed it up with their long awaited debut full length “They Don’t End Pretty”, the release of which created a splash in their local western MA and Boston MA music scenes.

Flamingos with cryptic messages planted in public areas all over multiple towns whipped up hype and sent hundreds through the door of their album release party.
Following “They Don’t End Pretty” the band dropped to a 3-piece, hiring Nick Cappezuto on bass, with Galloway turning to a stereo amplifier setup to fill out the sound. The band hit the studio and recorded four singles, then filming music videos for each and releasing those over the coming years that proved to be the bumpy, uncertain road for musicians that began in 2020; which needless to say put the rest of band activities, including a large tour, on pause.

Today Snowhaus is a power trio that calls their unique brand of music “Shred-Pop”. Pulling influences from a variety of genres that push past their indie rock roots, Snowhaus features elements of Pop-Punk, Emo, Post-Rock, Grunge, Country, Progressive-Rock, Math, Ska, Twinkle and more! “Shred-Pop” manages to take bits and pieces from all over the music map and fuse them into a concise, catchy package.

With the recent addition of Jake Bellows on drums, Snowhaus is cleaner, tighter, and dancier than ever before. With sophomore full-length “You Should Know Better” on the way, there’s a buzz and energy to the group that feels brand new. Refusing to melt, Snowhaus has continued once again, against all odds, and seems to be here to stay.

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