Soda Blonde “Bad Machine”
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Soda Blonde “Bad Machine”

Irish indie favorites Soda Blonde are delighted to reveal the music video for their latest single “Bad Machine”, the first from the band’s upcoming “Dream Big” album, due for release on September 8th.

“Bad Machine” fuses warm vocals with fuzzy synths, bringing a sense of sonic pleasure with its self-acceptance message. Indie pop and vibrant electronica combine to create a song with vigor and excitement.

When discussing the single’s new music video, guitarist Adam O’Regan writes: “For this video we wanted to explore the idea of ‘malfunction’. In an age of increasing automation, artificial intelligence etc, it’s easy to imagine the many ways things could go awry. But also, we just wanted to break stuff! Our talented & hardworking production designers built the set in 2 days, and we destroyed it in 10 mins of 16mm film.”

Soda Blonde has grown tremendously in the years since their debut, and it shows. Whereas 2021’s “Small Talk” was an anxiety-fueled coming-of-age record about navigating our twenties, “Dream Big” is a mature awakening to the world at large; one that dives deeper and hits harder than its predecessor.

“Dream Big” is as much a product of self-reflective reckoning as it is one of submission, and both of these experiences are borne out in its songs. Soda Blonde begins Dream Big by asking what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to achieve their dreams, and as the album continues, they wrestle with the sheer weight of that question.

Tickets are on sale now for Soda Blonde’s November ‘Dream Big’ tour-

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