Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 27

Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 27

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is all about showcasing new music, and we’re spotlighting 4 songs this week.

SACRE is a pop/electronic/house duo who has conceived an album that literally travels thru time from scenario to scenario. We’ll explain. Katey Brooks is a singer/songwriter who grew up in a cult and has taken her experiences and created amazing therapeutic music. Clayton Morgan is an electronic/EDM artist who’s famous dad helped him develop his talent. The Dot And The Line are a downtempo electronica duo who create amazing euphoric “music magic”.


  1. SACRE “09:00PM The Coconut Bar”
  2. Katey Brooks “Never Gonna Let Her Go”
  3. Clayton Morgan “Good Love” f. Martone
  4. The Dot And The Line “Hold On”

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