Soraia “Bang Them Bones”
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Soraia “Bang Them Bones”

Philadelphia rock outfit Soraia has released the new standalone single “Bang Them Bones” via Wicked Cool Records.

Frontwoman ZouZou Mansour said, “We love recording while we’re touring in Sweden–and have done so every time we go. It always feels like we’re just a little more “beat up” mid-way through our tours there, so it’s a good time to get some honest representation of ourselves recorded. This one was another song written by Sulo (Sören Karlsson, frontman of Swedish rock band The Diamond Dogs). We immediately love how it reminded us of a 60s/70s rock anthem. The title can be interpreted in so many ways, too–which we love writing our own songs in that style, and often, Sulo’s style complements our songwriting in that way. This time, we recorded in a new-to-us recording studio–which keeps things fresh and fun for us.”

The perpetually touring band is hitting the road once again, joining the lineup for The Wicked Cool Records Revue, presented by Hard Rock and Little Steven’s The Underground Garage. The traveling Rock ‘n’ Roll roadshow will showcase some of the stars from Wicked Cool Records, the groundbreaking label founded in 2007 by the legendary Stevie Van Zandt – a.k.a. Little Steven. The 5-city tour commences on March 16 (during SXSW) at the renowned Continental Club in Austin, TX. Tickets available at

With each new release, Soraia continues to amass experience, momentum, and resilience. They’ve caught the attention of rock legends in the music industry, including Jon Bon Jovi, Little Steven, and Joan Jett. The core lineup comprises ZouZou Mansour (lead vocals), Travis Smith (bass), and Brianna Sig (drums), a trio with unparalleled chemistry and a profound passion for their music.

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