Spyderhuff “Think About Me”

Spyderhuff “Think About Me”

For over fifty years these childhood buddies have been playing music together. Tom lives in Dearborn, Michigan (hometown to both) and Don lives in Mount Dora, Florida. The collaboration is completely remote. The creative juices find their way unhampered within a unique process.

Tom and Don first formed a jazz-fusion band in the 1970s called ‘Each’. Next, was a rock band called ‘Full Nelson’ in the 1980s. In the early 1990s, a short-lived studio band was formed called ‘Spyderhuff ’. This is where Jim Pauli comes in, providing tasteful and insightful drumming. The Spyderhuff name was then used for a graphic design business by Tom for nearly 30 years. After decades of stockpiling tune ideas, Spyderhuff was reformed in 2020 with the EP release of Tired Wrangler. Jim has since rejoined the band and is featured on the new EP entitled, Think About Me.

“Guitar” Joey Gaydos joined the effort with his amazing talent and trademark tone. The big brush stroke of Joe’s guitar work is front and center on the latest EP, Think About Me. Joe is a veteran of the Detroit rock scene since the 1970s. Bands and album credits including ‘Mugsy’, ‘Cub Koda and the Points’, ‘Weapons’, ‘AZ.U.R’, ‘Blood Brothers’ (Rob Tyner of MC5), ‘Guitar Joey and the Best’, ‘Send More Cops’, ‘The Respectables’ (Nick Piunti), and ‘The Rockets’.

Tony Mitchell is another Detroit music veteran stretching back to the 1970s. He played in the jazz-fusion band ‘Each’ and rock band ‘Full Nelson’ with Tom and Don. Then went on to the play with the bands ‘Immunity’ and ‘Slight Return’. Tony is a great drummer/percussionist and is featured on the new EP, Think About Me.

Take a hike down the back roads of a blues-rock-country-techno mashup with old life-long friends scattered across the country making music together any way they can.

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