Stacey Ann “Ripples”
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Stacey Ann “Ripples”

Stacey Ann, the radiant indie/pop/soul bundle of joy from Boorloo/Perth, sparkles with the release of the vibrant music video for her infectious single ‘Ripples’. A glitterbomb of feel-good fun, this accompanying clip captures the bubbly and lively essence of the track.

Known for her honeyed vocals and uplifting melodies, Stacey Ann’s ‘Ripples’ has served as a tantalizing preview of the musical magic in store on her debut EP, ‘A Change In The Wind’, slated for release on March 14.

Before that though, the music video for ‘Ripples’ perfectly encapsulates the song’s upbeat and retro style, showcasing Stacey Ann, her band and friends enjoying a day out on roller skates and playfully performing the track. With its colourful visuals and infectious energy, the video is sure to leave viewers smiling from ear to ear.

The track itself has Stacey Ann and her band skillfully melding nostalgic vintage vibes with a modern alt-pop sensibility. This vibrant song showcases Stacey Ann’s heartfelt vocals, complemented by the soothing harmonies of Ruby Miguel, who also contributes on keyboards, subtly enhancing the overall sound. Riley Sutton and Finn Pearson on drums and bass guitar contribute depth and complexity to the music, while Chris Zappa and Ashton Weaver infuse the track with their unique trumpet and lead guitar performances, adding a burst of dynamic energy.

As a track that is about acknowledging how powerful friendships can be and emphasises how important it is to surround yourself with positive people, its safe to say that Stacey Ann, her clip and everything she exudes is surely something you want to have around.

The music video for ‘Ripples’ is out Thursday, February 23, and stay tuned for the release of Stacey Ann’s debut EP, ‘A Change In The Wind’, on March 14.

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