Testarossa “Worlds Greatest Lover”
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Testarossa “Worlds Greatest Lover”

“World’s Greatest Lover” is very much autobiographical and certainly not sarcastic at all. The song highlights the experiences of being better at making love than anyone else on the planet. The opening riff of the song is just as sexy as the individual that the song is about, which coincidentally happens to be the entire band. If you’ll just let us slide into your ear hole, you’ll understand.”‘ – Testarossa

Guitar – Colten Bell
Lead Guitar – Jordan West
Bass – Blake Webb
Drums – Buddy Radford

Joe & Shaun from JP Audio Labs make the song sound incredible, however, this is a song that must be experienced live. To encounter the world’s greatest lover is not something you simply do while staying home.

Testarossa is the lifeblood of the rock n roll party. The soundtrack for having a good time, all the time. And no one does it better than Testarossa. From being the World’s Greatest Lover to your Mother’s favorite lover, Testarossa is sure to entertain the ones in our lives who mean the most: YOU! Testarossa is not simply another rock and roll band, they are THE rock and roll band you must experience with your own eyes and ears.

These four gentlelads that make up the band have been predestined by the grace of the rock and roll gods to have been brought together to make the quintessential soundtrack for the rock and roll party, which can never end so long as YOU don’t stop the groove from getting on the move. Unparalleled in their energetic live performances, Testarossa is certain to keep you entertained and of course, keep you loose as life can make one… uptight.

-Official bio

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