Tetine “Spaced out in Paradise”
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Tetine “Spaced out in Paradise”

Ahead of their headline show at London’s acclaimed Rich Mix venue on 19th January, Brazilian tropical mutant punk funk duo Tetine launch a brand-new video for “Spaced Out in Paradise”, taken from their new album After the Future – out now on Slum Dunk Music, 2023.

The video for “Spaced Out in Paradise” was directed by Tetine’s vocalist/keyboard player Eliete Mejorado and recorded in different locations around greater London. It was conceived as an auto-philosophical-experimental sci-fi of a utopian, ecological and hallucinatory verve, articulated under distinct temporalities and spaces, where pasts, presents, futures (and non-futures) overlap amid a third new existential order yet to come. One apparent order that presents itself simultaneously as post-global and post-local, however in frank disintegration.

In this illusory non-place, Eliete Mejorado, Yoko Afi and Bruno Verner wander through a poetic sphere that is at the same time pastoral, numerical-digital, migratory, and aquatic in search of new possible utopias, latitudes, and longitudes in the cosmos, lulled by the icy, dreamy-lysergic atmosphere, and melancholy of “Spaced Out in Paradise” sung by Yoko and Bruno. In search of another planetary contact.

Spaced Out in Paradise is part of a series of poetic auto-fictions that will accompany the songs of After the Future and a striking taster of what to expect at Tetine’s upcoming 2024 London shows. DIY music of invention, independent, without handcuffs, and of strange beauty.

TETINE have the following upcoming shows in 2024:


January 19th, 8 pm – An evening with Tetine live at Rich Mix

Further info and tickets here:


February 17th, 5 pm – Tetine at Dash The Henge (in-store afternoon set)


February 23rd, 7 pm – An evening with Tetine at The Showroom

Further info here:

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