Short Cuts Podcast Ep 122
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 122
band members sitting in a field outside

The Miserable Rich “Quietly”

With their first album in over 13 years on the near horizon, the Brighton indie/orchestral collective reveal an AA-side single comprising two new tracks.
man sitting in a chair

Jasper Sommer “Memento”

English musician, record producer, and singer-songwriter Jasper Sommer shares the accompanying video to his recently-released single, ‘Memento’.
3 band members standing outside on a coudy day

Tetine “Spaced out in Paradise”

Ahead of their headline show at London’s acclaimed Rich Mix venue on 19th January, tropical mutant punk funk duo Tetine launch a brand-new video.
two skeletons laying on a couch

Darren Burdis “We Left It Too Late”

Darren Burdis is a UK based solo singer/songwriter and guitarist from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
two men sitting on outside stairs

Polevaulter “Violently ILL”

Standing alone in the cold north, militant DIY dance punk duo, Polevaulter toil and labour to explore the limits of underground achievement.
woman standing in a barn

Rose Alaimo “Power Lines”

American indie pop-rock artist Rose Alaimo presents 'Power Lines', a song about how we as humans are all inter-connected to one other like never before.
boy with his hand on his heart

Grindhouse “Vacant”

Grindhouse, a band hailing from the steamy swamps of North Carolina, has announced their arrival onto the music scene.
man standing in a dark room

James Black “I Like This”

JAMES BLACK, emerges as a musical maverick at the crossroads of indie pop rock.
two men standing on railroad tracks

Solar Eyes “Let’s Run Away”

“Let’s Run Away” will be found on Solar Eyes’ eagerly awaited debut album ‘Solar Eyes’, which is due for release on February 16,2024.
two men standing outside a brick building holding guitars

Circolo Vizioso “Choppy”

Kraut-inspired punk rock duo Circolo Vizioso presents** 'Choppy', a high-octane song spawned from of a bout of depression brought on by a failed love story.

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