The Cards I Play “Take My Hand”
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The Cards I Play “Take My Hand”

Being the fourth single off the band’s previously released debut full-length album “Retrograde” (after the outstanding and critically-acclaimed “Run”, “Shades Of Gray” and “When The Suns Collide”), Japanese alternative act The Cards I Play now unleashes the energizing “Take My Hand”!

Accompanied by a visual (including a combination of red and blue lights that imports the viewer physically to a night of an immense live show), which completely suits the dynamic and evolving nature of the composition, “Take My Hand” is a prime example of The Cards I Play’s proficiency to create impeccable modern alternative music that, however, is proven to create an undeniably engaging live experience as well, as clearly shown in the said video! The song is nostalgic yet modern, ambient yet aggressive and showcases the diversity and versatility of the band’s sound. The melancholic verses and catchy chorus, blended with the cyber punk synths and bouncy riffs create an explosive and unique experience.

Formed during the pandemic, and local to Tokyo, Japan, The Cards I Play premiered their first collection of songs, earlier this year. Packed with 43 minutes of head banging rock, “Retrograde” (mixed by Christoph Wieczorek of Annisokay and mastered by two time Grammy-Nominated scene legend TylerSmyth (producer for Falling In Reverse, I Prevail, Blessthefall), has gained plenty of momentum in such a short time. The album is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

The Cards I Play has consistently been playing live shows in the heart of Tokyo, Japan after their full album release, including festivals such as “In the Family Fest” and “Die on rock fest”, sharing stages with big acts, including “A Crowd of Rebellion”, “Nocturnal Bloodlust” and many more.

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