The Cocktail Slippers “I Still Dream You”
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The Cocktail Slippers “I Still Dream You”


The formidable Norwegian female rock force known as the Cocktail Slippers, unleashes a new single, “I Still Dream You,” recorded at Renegade Nation studio in NYC, and written, arranged and produced by Stevie Van Zandt. This explosive live band fuses garage rock, punk, and 70s rock, delivering unforgettable and electrifying performances. Following the release, catch them on their USA tour, with stops in SXSW Austin (TX), Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

“I Still Dream You” captures the energy and passion that define Cocktail Slippers’ signature sound. The band’s extraordinary musicianship and undeniable chemistry shine through every note, promising an immersive listening experience that will reverberate with rock enthusiasts worldwide.


Cocktail Slippers have been collaborating with Stevie Van Zandt for more than a decade, and it’s not the first time the girls have been in the studio recording music with the famed musician.

“We have a close collaboration with Stevie and always send over songs before we go into the studio here in Norway as well. Then we usually spend some time bouncing ideas back and forth before we record,” says Sara (VEGA) Andersson.

“This time we got feedback from Stevie that the song we had written was so good that he got inspired and ended up rewriting everything” laughs vocalist Silje (HOPE) Hope.

“It was really fun recording songs in Stevie’s studio in New York. Great atmosphere and a lot of hard work! We probably didn’t have more than about 30 minutes breaks any of the days and worked about 16 hours both days,” says drummer Maria (SMASH) Storaas.

Van Zandt recalls, “The Cocktail Slippers sent me a song they´d been working on for a while but couldn’t quite unlock its mystery. Every song has one. I dug the sexy vibrations of it and started exploring, intending to just solve the puzzle. But sometimes songs just want to write themselves. I ended up taking it in a different direction and rewrote the whole thing. And really – not because the song wasn´t good enough, you’ll hear great ones all over the album, but because the Cocktail Slippers relentlessly inspire me!”

The Cocktail Slippers will be touring the US as part of the upcoming The Wicked Cool Records Revue! Presented by Hard Rock and Little Steven’s Underground Garage. The 5-city trek, which kicks off in Austin, TX during SXSW on March 16, also features Slim Jim Phantom & The Wildcats, Soraia, and playing their first live shows in over 15 years, fabled garage rockers The Chesterfield Kings. See dates below.

“We’re really looking forward to this tour. Even though it’s the third time Cocktail Slippers are official SXSW artists in Austin, it’s the first time we’re playing in LA, Phoenix, San Francisco, and especially Las Vegas,” says bassist Astrid (SUGAR) Waller

Cocktail Slippers:

Silje Hope (aka Hope): vocals

Stine Bendiksen (aka Rocket Queen): guitar and backing vocals

Astrid Waller (aka Sugar Cane): bass and backing vocals

Sara Andersson (aka Vega): guitar

Maria Storaas (aka Smash): drums

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