The Derevolutions “I Wanna Be a Gangsta”
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The Derevolutions “I Wanna Be a Gangsta”

I know what you’re thinking… there’s no way The Derevolutions just wrote the best hip hop song of 2024. And it’s aren’t they an indie band? But that’s the thing… our music has always transcended genre. Seamlessly blending all categories of modern music into an unfiltered homage to the past, present and future.

“I wanna be a gangsta… but I’m not an indie rocksta(r). I threw away all my favorite guitars then I rolled up a blunt and spit samples and bars”

I had just finished recording our other new single The Dreamer which basically has no formal structure and created of almost 100 samples. Which inspired a much simpler and concise radio-friendly arrangement for I Wanna Be a Gangsta. And I wanted to make it musically and lyrically clear how our songs have no bounds, with humor. I think you could go as far to say we’re actually innovating on the modern possibilities of hip hop, pop, indie and psychedelia at the same time. 2023 was a great year for us – we even got Apple currently using another song This to That in an iphone ad!

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