The Future I Dream Of “1946”
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The Future I Dream Of “1946”

THE FUTURE I DREAM OF, Central CT – The highly anticipated single “1946” by The Future I Dream Of has come to full vision! “1946” promises to take you on a journey, filled with grand melodies and captivating lyrics. With its blend of skate/punk elements and modern sounds, “1946 “is a true masterpiece that will leave you wanting more. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience, as The Future I Dream Of cement their place as one of the most talented and innovative bands of our time. Listen to “1946” now and let the music take you on a journey through time!

“Lyrically, “1946” is about the ugly and embarrassing part of grieving that you can’t tell anyone. The hardest part of moving on and realizing it’s ok if you never do. Remember that the ones you lost will always love you and it is okay to move on when you can. Instrumentally, it is driving and has the backbone of the emotion behind it. This is our new chapter in our music.”

  • The Future I Dream Of

Chris Kallian, Kallian Productions

Hailing from central Connecticut, The Future I Dream Of is an energetic, fast-paced rock group taking influence from many genres including hard/classic rock, pop punk, heavy metal, and metalcore. Creating a signature punch with their sound, the Connecticut quartet consisting of David Fulton (Rhythm Guitar), Ryan Milliken (Lead vocals), Chris Kallian (Lead guitar), and Josh Lebrun (Drums) push the boundaries of their limits to create a unique sound that stands out from the rest.

Coming out of the pandemic in August 2020, the band was originally formed by guitarist David Fulton and vocalist Ryan Milliken. After writing their first song “Conversations” they recorded with their friend Chris Kallian the single titled “’72” where Chris added some of his own personal guitar work after which he was asked to join the band.

In early 2021, David, Ryan, and Chris all got to work writing their debut EP titled Self Reflection at Chris’ studio in central Connecticut. It was during this time they recruited Jake Paranzino as their full-time drummer and the band started playing shows that coming fall.

The band wanted to start writing again, taking their sound in a heavier direction with their single “Another One For You”. This song was a one-off release in late 2022 and at this time drummer Jake Paranzino left the band. In the wake of his departure, the band welcomed Josh Lebrun as their new full-time drummer. Josh has been a great fit in The Future I Dream Of.

Since David, Ryan, Chris, and Josh have been working together, the band has been focusing on new songs with a heavier edge, taking influences from bands like Silverstein, A Day To Remember, Blessthefall, and even older pop punk bands such as Green Day, Paramore, and many more.

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