The Magi “Ten Toes: The Nashville Cut”
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The Magi “Ten Toes: The Nashville Cut”

The three members of the Magi are solo artists, songwriters, and producers who believe they can be stronger together. Like Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

The Magi come together, as brothers, to collectively write honest and real songs in a unique format. In 2019, Damien Horne, Kenny Carter and David “DJ” Lee started “The Magi” and have been building their organic and authentic sound ever since. The lyrics of “Ten Toes” piggy back on the band’s debut single, “Try”.“‘Try’ was a song written from a place of frustration. Ten Toes is full of hope and optimism, and the vibe and energy of the song encompasses that,” says Lee.“Ten Toes (The Nashville Cut),” produced by The Magi’s Kenny Carter, features Natalie Murphy on fiddle and Ethan Luck on lap steel.

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