The Over Unders “RHONDA”
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The Over Unders “RHONDA”

The Over Unders are a young Alt Rock trio from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, comprised of brothers Sam (Guitar and Vocals) and Matthew (Drums) Hellman, and bassist Ray Remes. Their fresh and enthusiastic take on classic rock n’ roll is often likened to their major influences who fall all along the diverse spectrum of power pop and classic alternative. Above all else, the band values crafting songs that seek to uplift and inspire others through honest confessions and observations about life. Having built their reputation as a polished and energetic live act before the pandemic, the group is excited to be back playing regularly in support of their upcoming EP “No Soap Radio,” and its singles.

Their first new single “Rhonda” – debuting everywhere April 15th, is definitely on the heavier end of their typical sound. Written during a time when Sam Hellman was facing stress and indecision regarding what to do next in life, the song’s dark and desperate energy relates a cry for help in understanding how to move forward. Surprisingly, the song concludes with subtle optimism, setting up the band’s more positive singles to come, while also telling the listener that things are going to be ok and get better soon.

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