The Reed Effect “Megalomania”
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The Reed Effect “Megalomania”

Hailing from Toronto, and having spent the last several years proudly cutting their teeth in the best live music venues north of the border, The Reed Effect have been warping minds with their lyrics, shaking hips with their riffs, and assaulting all five senses with an onslaught of progressively addictive rock hooks that pull from grunge, metal, and blues. Having been tapped as support for bands like Jeff Martin of The Tea Party, The Wild, Die Mannequin, and Busty and the Bass, The Reed Effect have been leaving their unique brand of rock lingering in the air of venues across Canada since day one.

“If Nirvana and The Doors had a love child, who was then raised in the desert by Frank Zappa, you’d likely end up with a band that sounds as oddly unique as The Reed Effect.” – Kirk Reed

This song, “Megalomania” has to do with some run-ins with a number of acquaintances over the years.  However, I don’t hold any grudges. There’s no point and a waste of my energy. We’re all human and make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t challenged with being a Megalomaniac myself. Altho, I don’t want to make a career out of that.” – Kirk Reed

Founding member and front man/guitarist Kirk Reed along with his brother Chris on bass and back up vocals are formidable. Their latest album, 1973, released in 2021, has set higher than ever, and the band has never been more proud of the heavy grooves they’ve unleashed.

2020 has been a hard year on all of us, and The Reed Effect has definitely felt that pain. Chris Reed, bassist, vocalist, bandmate, friend and brother tragically took his own life on October 10th, 2020, just as the new music was about to be released. Being very close, Chris’s death hit Kirk hard. But Kirk feels it is important to let the world hear this music – not just as a tribute to Chris and his legacy, but as a celebration of their collaboration and brotherly love.

We Love and miss you, Chris. The music you and Kirk worked on is being heard.

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