The Safety Word “Angels”
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The Safety Word “Angels”

The Safety Word are working hard to seal their place as one of Melbourne’s hardest working electronic acts. Angel’s will be the bands 95th release if you include all the remixes, collaborations, reworks and singles they have put out. Dropping a new single every month for the last three years has been rapidly building them a following of diehard fans from right across the globe. With each release their sound is reaching new audiences and they are just about to crack 10, 000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Since they dropped their self titled debut in January 2019 they have been putting out singles, collaborations, remixes and reworks. Throughout these releases they have covered many genres such as synthpop, chillwave, post-rock, triphop, deep house and ambient. This new single “Angels” sees them explore new sonic territory yet again this time incorporating elements of gospel, lofi and alternative R & B whilst still having a foot planted in their synthpop/chillwave roots.

“Angels is a reflection on the subject of purity becoming or allowing itself to become corrupted. Leading to beg the question of what makes us curious to feed our darker desires? To what end do we need to go before we realize a continuous balance must be made in order to find our salvation and purity once again. “ John Rousvanis – The Safety Word (Vocals, guitar)

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