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The Toxic Avenger “Sorcery”

(Artist Bio) | April 27, 2021
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Award-winning French DJ and producer The Toxic Avenger has announced the release of his latest EP, Shifted on the 30th of April via Enchanté Records. On the EP, listeners will find the synth-washed track ‘Sorcery’.

The electro producer has previously worked with several big names including touring with Skrillex, collaborating with Chromeo, OrelSan and Look Mum no Computer, and has done official remixes for Magic Sword amongst others. The Toxic Avenger has been supported by the likes of i-D Mag, Tsugi, Dancing Astronaut, Trax Magazine, Loudwire, XLR8R and Magnetic Magazine. In total, the French producer has collected over 60 million plays across platforms with support from Ultra Music Youtube channel.

The Toxic Avenger has won the prize for Best Music in Video Games (Furi 2016), the prize for Best Music in a Fantastic Film (Gerardmer Int. Film festival 2018), and has composed for many video games (including Furi, The Crew, Watch Dogs, Need for, Speed and more).

The producer has had his music featured in movie trailers such as Fast & Furious V as well as advertisements including Hugo Boss, Nissan, Toyota, Yves Saint Laurent and Armani, amongst others. Over the years, the producer has featured numerous artists in his work including Jay-Jay Johanson, Annie and Maxence Cyrin.

Born in Paris, and having spent two years in L.A., California, before returning to France, The Toxic Avenger was originally a metal/rock guitarist. However, the producer would later discover a fondness for electronic music, releasing his first electronic EP in 2007 and touring with Skrillex in the same year.

Along with his passions for Daft Punk, Vladimir Cosma, Giorgio Moroder and Ennio Morricone, the artist calls upon the modern likes of Everything But The Girl and Burial. In turn, his own style can be compared to the likes of John Carpenter, Kavinsky, and Daft Punk.

Writing the 80’s elements and tributes to the synth-laden era, Shifted is a transformative piece of work that begins boldly with the astonishing track ‘Sorcery’ and slowly matures with time like a fine whisky. The EP sees The Toxic Avenger return to working with one of his favourite singers, Sophie Tith for the first time in five years for the dark disco meets synth-pop in ‘Goodbye’.

In ‘Stage One’ we see the disco 70’s meeting prog rock (similar to the likes of an Alan Parson project), shaping up to be a stellar track and a Daft-Punk-like anthem. Shaping elements of escapism and fantasy into one cohesive EP, The Toxic Avenger draws listeners into a world of dark elements, light embellishments, and an inescapable adventure of sound.

Speaking of the important elements in the EP, The Toxic Avenger tells us: “My most used instrument on the EP is my old Juno 106. I never tire of it, it’s the starting point of all my songs. And then, as usual, I use my modular synthesizer a lot, which is my blank page. The companion I’m often working with is a woman named Sophie Tith. She has won the French version of American Idol and is one of the few who have a voice I love. Every time we work together, I am won over from the first notes.

Written by (Artist Bio)

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