Thy Young “Luck” (feat. Rahim D Wezard)
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Thy Young “Luck” (feat. Rahim D Wezard)



California-based Sierra Leonean producer Thy Young aka Francis Tiffa Williams unveiled his fourth single, ‘Luck’ featuring Rahim on March 28, 2024 via Survival Records, LLC. The track offers us a taste of his forthcoming album, Scent of Amie, slated for release on the 14th of June 2024. Francis has garnered recognition for his work as a producer. Regarded as one of the best producers in Sierra Leone, Thy Young is the man behind the beat for artists such as Kontri Boss, Dom B., Swadu Natasha Beckley, Mello Seven, Innocent Kuti, Kaley Bag, Bigg Shake, and many more. He boasts the title of Best Music Producer of the Year 2020 & 2021 in the Sierra Leone National Entertainment Awards (NEAs). He’s credited for many of the hit songs out of Sierra Leone and globally. He produced the song ‘Champion’ by Shadow Boxxer & Mellow Seven which was notably featured on CNN Inside Africa. Now, his solo project as Thy Young is beginning to make waves and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Growing up, Francis used to listen to a lot of Rap/Hip-Hop and traditional African music. A musician friend from the Sierra Leonean community inspired him to start making music, and the rest is history. Influenced by US Hip-Hop giants 2Pac and 50 Cent as well as Sierra Leonean legends Jimmy B., Amie Kallon and Steady Bongo, his sound is sure to please fans of Rema, Davido and Obongjayar.

‘Luck’ is a heartfelt and uplifting track produced, mixed and mastered by Thy Young himself, and co-mixed and mastered by Steven Glaze. Thy Young’s lush, crisp production allows an infectious afro-swing beat to shine as Rahim’s vocals soar passionately. Sweet guitar, soulful vocal samples and triumphant horns stir the listener into an optimistic mood, full of movement and joy.

Thy Young shared**: “‘Luck’** is a song that is inspired by the love between my late mother and my father. And the bond that is between my partner and me. It is a traditional love song that aims to resonate with everyone.”

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