Timothy Eerie “We’re Going to Make It”
man standin gin front of screen with psychedlic color circles

Timothy Eerie “We’re Going to Make It”

It’s no accident that the name Timothy Eerie is so close to Timothy Leary; this Orlando, Florida-based project is the aural equivalent of two tabs and a trip down the rabbit hole. This day-glo rock ‘n’ roller has been kicking around the underground since his first release in 2017, and has made quite a name for himself in a short period of time. Like many of the bands of this psych-leaning rock genre, there has been a revolving door of players, but that only lends to the mystique of Timothy Eerie’s sound. A sound that started as a bedroom recording project has clearly moved beyond the bedroom.

“We’re Going to Make it” is a hopeful slice of psychedelic evangelism. Written in the midst of such historical times, this track offers an optimistic approach to the end of the world. This organ-drenched composition is a nod to the late ’60’s flower power counter-culture with a contemporary twist. While swimming in effects, the vocals act more as an instrument guiding the listener on this 4 minute trip. A strung-out anthem for a better tomorrow and an ironic soundtrack for a dystopian era.

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