Bold Electronic Producer Unpropped Set To Release New EP
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Bold Electronic Producer Unpropped Set To Release New EP

Budding but bold Electronic producer Unpropped released his latest single, ‘Virola’, on the 2nd of June via Unpropped Music. The single has been premiered by Electronic Groove and follows his previously released song, ‘Nousle’, which was picked up by the notable music tastemaker CLASH Magazine. Both records will feature on his forthcoming debut EP, Acausality, which is slated for release on the 30th of June. The 5-track project was mastered by Stefan Betke, the founder of Scape Mastering, who has engineered acts like Apparat, Richie Hawtin, and Kangding Ray.

Like a raid siren, a swell of urgent tones introduces the track. Gory textures smear its hard edges. Then it comes to life, one palpitating heartbeat at a time. Ravenous, it creeps toward its prey, ready to pounce on unsuspecting listeners.

Unpropped tells us how it was made: “There was a lot of resampling involved in the production of Virola, which is actually the merge of two different ideas that I had projected for separate tracks. The initial part was created with an Elektron Digitone, and it is also comprised of two totally independent lines. I was very surprised when I noticed how well both of them fit when I began to work on the transition from one to the other.”

The biggest influence on his musical development was his two-year education at Longevity Music School in Strasbourg, France, where he learnt how to process his vast creativity into unsuspected patterns and mystical arrangements. Focused on creating his debut EP, the cinematic musician is also preparing a live performance, where he will present his dynamic ethos using minimal machinery and intuitive sounds, all while maneuvering way beyond the norm to create a sense of community that, before the experience, seemed inconceivable.

Innovative is a term thrown around in modern music, but one that rings loud as the Unpropped concept unravels. Born Germán Sánchez, Unpropped can paint pictures for listeners, using their minds as the canvas, each curious sound mixing in a new colour. After spending considerable time improving his cultural palette in Brazil, India, and Morocco, this native Spaniard settled in Germany where he currently resides. Drawing inspiration from artists like Floating Points, Amon Tobin, and Alva Noto to name a few, he creates music that is unique to him. If one had to draw a comparison, it might be likened to early Plastikman as well as Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Lorn.

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