Vacant Weekend “Marlboro Reds”
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Vacant Weekend “Marlboro Reds”

Following on from the band’s second single ‘Cool New Friends’ which gained early support from Chris Hawkins on BBC Radio 6 Music, in addition to Apple Music,** TIDAL and Most Radacalist** to name just a few, ‘Marlboro Reds’ sees the band step confidently into 2023 with their signature funk laced swagger.

“In a way reminiscent of The Kooks, they’ve blended 70s funk influences with a deep understanding of what made mid-2000s indie bands so memorable: massive choruses and groovy verses.” – Most Radacalist

The title track ‘Marlboro Reds’ due for release as a single on January 27th ahead of the full EP on February 10th comes drenched with silky jazz-fused instrumentation and funk laced danceable grooves, complemented by punchy indie vocals.

“T_o us, Marlboro Reds is a really fun and colourful single. The groove and hook are enough to almost make you overlook the self-pitying sentiment of the entire song._” – Vacant Weekend

‘Marlboro Reds’ sits alongside well received singles ‘All Over’ and ‘Cool New Friend’ in addition to another new outing ‘Sammy Down’, an instantly engaging indie cut described by the trio as being about everything and nothing.  “In short, it’s about not being good enough for your peers, yourself, for anyone. It explores humble aspirations and forsakes everyone whose standards we don’t meet.” – Vacant Weekend

Building on a solid Cumbrian following, Vacant Weekend are now based in Manchester and packing out rooms across the Northern Quarter with their rhythmic funk-laden grooves, comparable to the likes of The Strokes and Two Door Cinema Club.

After realizing early-on in their school careers that they didn’t quite fit in, Vacant Weekend are three friends who bonded over a shared love of music, and a vision of creation without fear. Coming together in 2019 after four or five years of each playing and writing in various different ensembles, the trio have embraced the sentiment of being outsiders whole-heartedly.

While the band’s drummer and lead singer met at school, during lessons they both found themselves uninterested in, the guitarist and drummer bonded over impromptu playground busking. After decking themselves out in clothes from a second-hand shop on a Cumbrian fell, Vacant Weekend emerged as a band that are, if nothing else, uniquely themselves.

With a sound that’s hard to place into a single genre, the trio expertly blend dry and funky syncopation with attentive harmonic choices and gritty adolescent themes — all performed by losers with excellent musicianship.

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