Vincent Christ “Heart On A Chain”
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Vincent Christ “Heart On A Chain”

Combining an individualistic visual style with urgent and immediate songs, London-based artist Vincent Christ is gaining notoriety for feeling-first, irreverent songs informed by new wave, art-rock and post-punk. Although originally involved in hip-hop production, Vincent gravitated to working with instruments and playing, arranging and recording himself, developing sharp and shimmering guitar tones and propulsive drums. Hailed the ‘saviour of the sax solo’ by, he introduced himself in 2022, offering thoughtful, upbeat records to the UK scene, as well as a prolific work ethic and release schedule. As Vincent himself notes…”It’s pure VC, visceral and pugilistic. That’s one reason I make music, to convey immediacy and urgency”.
Debut album ‘Truant’ OUT NOW. Contains single ‘Heart On A Chain’.

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