VINOK “River”

VINOK “River”


VINOK is not just another indie-rock band, it’s a statement of authenticity and social change to create a new culture of justice in a land of unknown. Giving a voice for the marginalized and bluntly bringing to attention crucial problems of a global society is what the band is all about.

Their topics range from disability rights to feminism, politics and religion. Vinok’s sound is an unusual mix of experimental rock and indie art-pop spiced with notes of garage punk, pulp grunge and even hip-hop.

The hints of a Wild West atmosphere are to symbolize everything the band stands for – an attempt to build freedom and hope in a harsh opportunistic world by challenging the establishment. VINOK provides fresh, powerful and insightful music with deep syncopated rhythms, haunting lyrics, soaring powerful vocals and a molotov cocktail in the face of evil.

Co-founder, lead vocalist and keyboardist Nathalie has practiced as a mental health professional and expressive arts therapist working extensively with people who witnessed a wide array of abuse and neglect. As a journalist, VINOK’s co-founder and drummer Ilya has witnessed the atrocities executed by authoritarian and corrupt regimes in Eastern Europe and the sheer poverty that resulted from them. The band’s virtuoso bassist Anton comes from war-torn eastern Ukraine and says, “Music is my salvation”.

“river” is the namesake of a masterpiece written by American novelist Flannery O’Connor. Much of the symbolism within the song is in reference to her renowned story “River”. This song is about redemption and all of the pain that comes with it before one is truly set free.

“We have been inspired by much of Flannery O’Connor’s bold, truthful, gothic and often violent writing style,” said Nathalie, the lead vocalist of the band. “For example, our previous EP Wise Blood (hence the name being based on one of O’Connor’s novels) used a lot of similar symbolism”.

“For some, river can be seen as a tragedy but for us it is definitely a story of redemption,” said the band’s drummer Ilya.

I’m gonna sing my way down to the river, I’m gonna pray that everything will be okay. “These lyrics are meant as prayer and plea for peace, especially in a time of so many unknowns,” shares Nathalie.

VINOK’s music was mixed by sound producer and engineer Paul ‘PDub’ Walton who worked with legends such as Bjork, U2, No Doubt, Madonna, Massive Attack, Birdy, and The Cure. The album was mastered by Rudy Martinez, who is a voting member of the Grammys as well as an active member of the Audio Engineering Society.

VINOK looks to 2021 with positive energy as it’s set to be a huge year for the band. With their sights set on the stratosphere, their first full-length album is due April 2021.

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