We Three “Confident”
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We Three “Confident”

The three siblings have shared an extraordinary journey. They were raised in a religious family, which separated them from the ordinary experiences that most teenagers go through. Manny was nudged into an early marriage when others were having their first dates, leading, unsurprisingly, to an equally early divorce.

The death of their mother opened up a wider world of both personal and musical experiences, but also the punch of grieving and loss. It was a time that We Three documented in their first breakthrough moment with “HEAVEN’S NOT TOO FAR” and “LIFELINE.

“The band’s success is due, in large part, to their unique approach to songwriting, which can be described as an unusual ability to deliver highly relatable songs about mental health, love, and insecurity.

The band’s frontman, Manny Humlie, often packages this type of subject matter inside infectious melodies with razor-sharp production.”

-Official bio

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