YOVA “Haunted”
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YOVA “Haunted”

YOVA are Jova Radevska & Mark Vernon. Jova Radevska was born and raised in Macedonia. Coming to the UK as a bright-eyed eighteen year old, she found an instant affinity with the UK’s rich music culture and history, with a determination to create her own place within it. Embracing London’s vibrant live scene early-on, it was while performing she was introduced to Vernon for the first time.

A seasoned veteran of alternative music, Mark Vernon has both managed and recorded with John Cale amongst others, and also co-produced tracks on PJ Harvey’s debut album ‘Dry’, including the iconic debut single ‘Dress’. On ‘Nine Lives’ he reunites Rob and Ian – the original rhythm section from those recordings. Finding an intuitive writing chemistry with Radevska since their chance encounter, the two will now release their bewitching debut album: ‘Nine Lives’ in 2022, an album full of esteemable artistry and enigmatic allure that will continue to ensnare over repeated listens.

“We never know where our collaboration will take us” says Radevska of their mercurial songcraft, “This way or that, it is always different”.

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