Adrian Conner “Victoria”
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Adrian Conner “Victoria”

Austin-based, Adult alternative bi-sexual artist, Adrian Conner announces the new track/video “Victoria.” “The song is a little more melodic, smooth, and bluesy than the rowdy, bombastic rock n’ roll you’ve come to expect from Conner over the last two decades since she made her glorious debut.

That typical punk rock attitude and heavy metal heart is very much still there; it’s just temporarily been placed on the backburner.” ( ) “Exciting, rambunctious and kinda scary…” (Guitar Player Magazine)The new release follows up her album (and new full length vinyl ) HISS KISS HISS, calling out power structures with sarcasm, humor but also flipping the coin inward to a look at self empowerment through the choice of love and forgiveness.

Conner states, “This song is inspired by my best friend Laura Derig. It tries to capture her love of glamour, women, macabre fashion and icons associated with that (Betty Page, Diamanda Galoss). but juxtaposed with a big heart. It’s also about being different and cast out from those who see you as different in terms of having different values. I can break down each lyric if you want over the phone. The video displays a romantic lesbian theme with two women going out to get ready to meet each other and having a PG romantic encounter/ deeper relationship then just a sexual encounter. The zombie hands, the man with the bat are the transgressors/ aggressors. The line taken from Jesus – forgive them they know not what they do. Is very literal in that – people who judge violate or attack – physically or verbally – are acting out of a state of fear. And truly do not know what they do.”

No stranger to playing guitar on the actual bar, Adrian and her band will demand your attention and win your heart. Adrian’s musical journey renovates some pages of punk, rock, thrash and alternative histories. Some of which are co-written with Kathy Valentine of the Go-Go’s which won Adrian a Best of Austin Music Award in 2011 under the Adrian & the Sickness moniker. Her 20+ year music career includes fronting the crazy awesome all-female AC/DC tribute Hell’s Belles as the Angus Young.

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