Fastracks Ep 33
Fastracks Ep 33
man holding guitar

Mark Remmington “Space Person Blues”

Multi instrumentalist Mark Remmington returns following his much applauded debut solo release “12 Weeks” | In his second album project Mark shifts up a gear from singer-songwriter mode to full…
headhsot oa a man

Stefano May “We Are The Power”

Stefano is a singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso who fuses soul, pop and classical for an enthralling musical journey. The talented songwriter’s music is marked by hope, love and connection…
2 men sitting with guitars

Walker and Wylde “Bottle Street”

Energetic folk songs mix perfectly in with story driven melodies and intricate harmonies. They are passionate con men who have survived through music by busking on the streets and gigging…
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Wrené “Hideous”

Toronto-based, avant- garde artist Wrené aims to defy the constraints of conventional music and adopts a dark, ethereal, and surreal aesthetic with the release of her video, “Hideous” from her…
woman playing guitar

Adrian Conner “Victoria”

Austin-based, Adult alternative bi-sexual artist, Adrian Conner announces the new track/video “Victoria.” “The song is a little more melodic, smooth, and bluesy than the rowdy, bombastic rock n’ roll you’ve…

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