Alexa Villa “Not Your Fool”
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Alexa Villa “Not Your Fool”

While her classmates were playing with Barbies, Los Angeles-based Bubble Rockstress Alexa Villa was playing on The Warped Tour. She has opened for acts including Hinds, The Darkness, Drake Bell, and Ryan Cabrera to name a few and has honed her craft as the sharp yet charismatic artist she is today.

With influences ranging from Miley Cyrus, Yungblud, 5SOS, Willow Smith, and Halsey to Led Zeppelin, Gwen Stefani, and Alanis Morissette, the singer/songwriter/classically trained pianist and producer empowers the listener to embrace their madness and be authentically imperfect, loud and abrupt. She also expresses individuality through fashion and works with various brands to further create her own world.

Alexa’s latest single “Not Your Fool” is about “reclaiming your power after a break up. It’s about looking back at all the red flags, realizing that I missed them, and choosing to grow from the pain rather than letting the break up break me. I wrote this song months after my very toxic long term relationship ended, once the fog cleared and I was able to see that I should have left sooner. It’s always difficult to accept that time was wasted on someone, but there’s usually a lesson in it, and mine was that I should have trusted my intuition more than I trusted him. I wrote this song in hopes of making something good from the bad.”

March 18 marked the release of the album Good Girl. Says Villa, “It’s centered around empowerment to be who you are and create the world you want to live in. I wrote these songs about different phases of my life and the many perspectives one can have. Some songs like “All or Nothing” reflect the commanding woman in me and others like “Entertainer” reflect the uncertainty that comes with finding myself. I think the beauty of the ups and downs is knowing that you have the power within to decide for yourself what to do with them! I want the listener to know that it’s okay, no matter where you’re at, to have it all together one day and fall apart the next. And that it’s never crazy to be yourself even if others don’t understand you.”

-Official bio

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