Alexis de la Rocha “Running Back”
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Alexis de la Rocha “Running Back”

Alexis de la Rocha, a first-generation Latine artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and synth goddess, calls Los Angeles her home and constant muse. Her stage presence is mesmerizing, leaving fans hungry for more. Acclaimed by prestigious publications such as the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, LADYGUNN, Buzz Bands LA, Rolling Stone, Consequence, and others, she has made an indelible mark on the music scene.

Her musical journey is a dazzling odyssey. It began with the release of her R&B soul single, “Chill,” co-written with her longtime collaborator VFRESH, followed by the ethereal sounds of “Haze,” a foray into the world of synth-pop dreams. However, it’s her latest release, “Running Back,” that has captivated audiences worldwide. This pop anthem flawlessly fuses the cool vibes of hip-hop with the timeless allure of Motown.


In Alexis’s words, her music is a dynamic tapestry interweaving the influences of 1980s/1990s synthesizers, fantasy, fashion, goth, freestyle, and dream pop. “Running Back” serves as a nostalgic ode to the 90s, an era that prioritized self-love and embracing one’s true self. It’s her heartfelt homage to her younger self, a poignant lesson in accepting her present state, and a gentle reminder to always revisit the things in life that bring her unadulterated happiness.

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