All Them Squares “Sleep”
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All Them Squares “Sleep”

Adding more fuel to their musical fire, All Them Squares have released their second single, “Sleep” with an accompanying music video. Following their debut with the song “Crash and Burn”, “Sleep” is another mesh of indie/alternative rock with a driving instrumental background to support passionate vocals alongside meaningful lyrics. All Them Squares is a recently formed group of longtime Western New York musicians- founded by vocalist Cece Vile and Jordan Foehner on guitar, the two quickly got to work and brought on Juan Calixto (drums) and Alex Brophy (bass) to round out their rhythm section. At first listen, “Sleep” is upbeat and seemingly bright, but this sound lies underneath the authentic emotions and battles fought during Cece Vile’s journey through life. This balance makes the track both catchy and consequential- a winning combination that All Them Squares is able to pride themselves upon.

Cece Vile comments on the lyrical content of “Sleep”, stating that: “The meaning behind the song comes a lot from my struggle in the past with being non-binary and the anxiety and depression that came along with it. The word ‘sleep’ in the song just refers to a state of rest in my brain that I never could achieve. So many thoughts constantly went through my head and I really just didn’t have any knowledge or courage to deal with it. That’s where the line ‘like a motor turning over with no oil to get us over this hump’ comes from”.

Although the song was written prior to his entry to All Them Sqaures, Juan Calixto says “I still feel a connection to the song whenever we play it live. It’s an awesome feeling to play music with such a wonderful group of musicians”.

All Them Squares is an indie/alternative rock group founded by known members of the Western New York live music circuit, Cece Vile (Citizens Against People, Deadmeat) and Jordan Foehner (The Weight We Carry, Felice). The two carry over 25 years of music experience under their belts alone; the worthy additions of Juan Calixto (A Thousand Shades of Cold) and Alex Brophy optimizes their musicianship and precision in crafting quality material for their listeners. With a broad range of musical backgrounds, ranging from synthwave to punk, there is an abundance of expertise available for All Them Squares to use to their advantage.

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