ALYXX “Serenity”
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ALYXX “Serenity”

Coming in strong halfway through 2022, ALYXX has released yet another powerful single featuring her signature soaring vocals. “Serenity” is haunting both musically and vocally, touching on a topic that most (if not all) listeners can relate to. ALYXX herself states “I’ve experienced burn out more times than I’d like to admit. I have a hard time saying no, which often results in added stress and lack of sleep. Like the song says, ‘I long to be in serenity.’ Life will always be hectic and stressful, but there can be calmness within the chaos.”

“Serenity” starts out slow and haunting then quickly crescendos into a powerful and emotional call to action, searching for the inner peace and calm we all find ourselves hoping to achieve. Listeners can hear the longing in ALYXX’s voice, ranging from a soft and beautiful beg into a commanding ascension.

ALYXX comments on the latest single with: “I wrote “Serenity” back in March of 2022. When I write, I usually compose the music first. I never go into a song with an intention of writing on a specific topic. I will improvise lyrics and allow my subconscious to connect with the music and take me to where it feels natural. Sometimes I find myself talking about things I haven’t thought about in a while. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew and end up overwhelmed because of it. True transparency, I work two jobs on top of running every aspect of ALYXX. I also do a few other things on the side, like training in Muay Thai. Life goes by so quickly, and I want to make sure I live it to its fullest.”

“It’s about putting yourself and your mental health first. Wanting to do something and being able to do something are two different things. Sometimes you have to say no, for your own well being. Life will always be hectic, but one must find the calmness within the chaos.”

“I recorded “Serenity” at my home studio and at Cinderella Man Studios with Zaki Ali. For the past 3 singles, I’ve recorded the piano, synths and strings at my home studio, which has been great, since I’m usually the most creative at odd hours of the night. Zaki is great to work with. We’ve been working together for about 4 years now and he’s also my drummer. Brandon Hawkes played guitar on this one and killed it. Zaki and I mixed and mastered the track and I’m really proud of how it came out. I’m really excited for everyone to hear the new single. I’ve put everything into it, and I hope people can relate to it.”

“Wanting to do something and being able to do something are two different things.”

Taking hold of the North East, ALYXX is a rock and metal hybrid project, putting herself and her namesake in the spotlight. ALYXX is an independent solo artist based out of New York and is quickly making her way both physically through the United States while leaving her musical mark on listeners all around the world. What sets ALYXX apart is the focused integration of keyboard and synth sounds which is often lacking in the rock and metal genre; however, ALYXX incorporates these elements with searing guitar and fierce vocals to create a culmative sound unique to her own.

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