Arieliza “Runaway”
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Arieliza “Runaway”

Hello! My name is Arieliza and I am an Indie Folk singer/songwriter from the NYC area. I am the girl-next-door trying to get her shit together and try to communicate that in my music. I released this EP, called “Runaway”, this past Friday as a sort of tribute to the fundamental coming-of-age years and all of the chaos, confusion, and bliss that accompanies that. It is perfect for nostalgic over-thinkers and has a fresh, edgy twist….

I have been gigging at major venues all around NYC and Long Island and am so grateful to have the chance to share my music with others. I have a presence online on all social media platforms Arielizamusic (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube…) and my songs are available on all streaming services Arieliza. Thank you for listening and rock on!

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