Fastracks Ep 41
Fastracks Ep 41
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EverGlaze “Click Bang”

EVERGLAZE RELEASES THEIR NEW SINGLE/VIDEO “CLICK BANG” (2/25) and the song takes you on a ride of rocking rhythm and an experience we can all relate to. EverGlaze continues to…
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Arieliza “Runaway”

Hello! My name is Arieliza and I am an Indie Folk singer/songwriter from the NYC area. I am the girl-next-door trying to get her shit together and try to communicate…
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GIVVEN “Losing Colours”

International trio GIVVEN are sharing the video for their latest single, ‘Losing Colours’. The video was created by the award-winning director Rupert Höller and award-winning director of photography Adrian Bidron.…
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Luna Falling “Only You” (feat. Cristian Machado)

Luna Falling, based out of Columbus Ohio. Watch our latest “Fastracks” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK PODCAST ARCHIVES

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Shiner “Brooks”

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Mistine “IDEK”