ASHA “Kiss Me Tender”
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ASHA “Kiss Me Tender”

Asha is a solo songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose music transcends genre. She loves experimenting in different styles from indie pop and rock to world music and trip hop. She started writing music in her teens and followed her passion for music for Northeastern University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree with a focus in Music Technology and Composition. After graduating, she moved to Brooklyn where she honed her craft, collaborated with other indie musicians and grew into the music scene. Now a Los Angeles-based artist, she has self-released a few EPs and albums, and is looking forward to releasing her new album, Magic, later this year.

For ‘Kiss Me Tender,’ I was in a place where I wanted to make something fun, something light-hearted because I am known for writing a lot of sad girl songs,” Asha says. “On this album I have plenty of those songs but I also wanted to balance that and get back to making music that just feels good. I have been listening to a lot of disco and funk songs since COVID, I think they helped me through that dark period. This song is a culmination of a lot of funky listening for the better part of 2 years. I did everything on the track except a few guitar licks (shout out to my friend Brian Naas), and I really enjoyed writing this funky bass line.”

“For the ‘Kiss Me Tender’ video, I stumbled upon this church space downtown and thought, this looks goth, I love it! We should make a video there. I thought it was a funny juxtaposition of this dark gothic church stuff going on with this very light and airy funk track, because if the song isn’t dark, well then the video should be a little bit. My friend and director David Broder loved the idea I came up with of me being a sort of saucy nun who is trying to summon Satan to be my man while slowly getting sexier throughout the video. I mean, who wouldn’t love filming that? We had a lot of fun on this shoot, I storyboarded the whole thing, which is new for me, I choreographed a dance (I am not a dancer), but I loved how it turned out. It feels like it fits in my body of work.”

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