Battle Tapes “If Only”
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Battle Tapes “If Only”

Acclaimed Los Angeles-based Battle Tapes craft electronic rock that blends 80’s electronica and darkwave with the poppiest and most accessible of what Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails have to offer. They are set to release their upcoming single/ video “If Only” from their upcoming album Texture, due out 10/21/22.

The band states “We live in desperate times. Bombarded 24/7 by the chaos of the world, and our own lives. The overwhelming barrage of violence, bigotry, corruption, and hate is exhausting. I feel like I barely have time to process what happened this morning before I’m on to the next headline. ‘If Only’ was born out of those feelings of desperation and powerlessness that invite comfort of apathy and ambivalence.”Battle Tapes have been featured on various movie trailers, TV shows and, video games, including ‘Girls’ (HBO), Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar Games), ‘Mr. Robot’ (USA), ‘League of Legends Championship Trailer’ (Fox Sports) and ‘gEN Lock’ (HBO) ‘Invincible’ (Amazon).

Songwriting/production duo Josh Boardman and Riley Mackin spent the better part of 2018 in the studio on various projects, including Childish Gambino (Mackin mixed and recorded Awaken My Love, and recorded “This is America”), before turning focus back to their own creative outlet and beginning work on a follow up to 2017’s Form EP.

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