Ben Avitra “The River”
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Ben Avitra “The River”


Following the release of his emotive and captivating single ‘The River’, Perth’s Ben Avitra is pairing it with a hauntingly powerful accompanying music video.

Known for his potent blend of alt-pop/indie-folk, Avitra’s latest offering delves into the depths of human experience, delivering a haunting narrative. ‘The River’ gracefully weaves from start to finish, blending Avitra’s heartfelt vocals with spacious acoustic guitar and stoic drums, stirring a gloomy, but hopeful disposition.

Furthering that feeling, the music video parallels the song’s themes, offering a visual journey through a hostile future world filled with confusion, chaos, and uncertainty – representative of working through the healing of the heart, mind and soul. Against this backdrop, a tired and desolate wanderer embarks on a quest for transformation, traversing vast landscapes in search of wholeness amidst the turmoil.

Drawing inspiration from his own personal experiences and reflections, Avitra’s music video provides a poignant portrayal of resilience and healing. Through stunning cinematic shots, post-apocalyptic costume design, and magical special effects, it crosses boundaries between reality and imagination, leaving an indelible impression.

“Thanks to Steve Brown and the team, ‘The River’ music video embodies the essence of the song’s narrative, offering a visually striking portrayal of a journey towards healing and self-discovery,” says Ben Avitra. “It explores returning to the state of wholeness by removing the unnatural aspects and implants of the future and embodying the processes that heal the heart, mind and spirit ultimately returning to a state of wisdom and contentment.”

Directed by visual artist Steve Brown, the music video for ‘The River’ is no doubt gripping, with its haunting imagery and evocative storytelling. From the desolate landscapes to the mesmerizing special effects, every frame is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, creating an immersive world of wonder and introspection.

Twist and wind through with Ben Avitra’s ‘The River’ and it’s breathtaking, cinematic music video.

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