Blake Proehl “Chapters”
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Blake Proehl “Chapters”

Former NFL player turned singer-songwriter Blake Proehl has just released “Chapters,” an emotional song about the next step that he is taking in life. Having roots in both pop and R&B, Blake checked every box with this track and it is set to be an exceptional addition to his catalog. It is emotional yet captivating – you can feel his passion for his journey through the lyrics.

After spending his life chasing his dream of playing in the NFL, he accomplished his goal, only to then face a severe injury, forever altering his career path. In the midst of pain and disappointment, he found healing through writing songs like “Chapters”: a resilient and inspirational reflection on the hope found in opened and closed doors.

“Chapters” is a remarkable example of Blake’s extraordinary vocal talent. Continuing his journey, he will be a contestant on the upcoming season of American Idol, premiering this month! A true embodiment of versatility, Blake seamlessly transitions from his accomplished football career in the NFL to a full-time pursuit of his passion as a singer.

Blake Proehl gives it his all, whether he’s on the field or on the stage.

Proehl isn’t your everyday singer-songwriter — he worked his whole life to achieve his dream of making it to the NFL, ultimately joining the Minnesota Vikings as a wide receiver. After a devastating injury during his rookie season, though, his life in football came to a screeching halt.

Proehl isn’t stepping away from that part of his story just yet, but during the recovery period and unexpected downtime, he encountered another surprise: falling in love with music.

His musical journey began with his family, and a video of him sharing his singing voice with his grandmother for the first time unexpectedly went viral on TikTok, surprising even Proehl himself. The tens of millions of views say it all — people are ready to hear more from Blake.

Now, Proehl says he’s committed to making a recovery and continuing his time in the NFL, while being equally committed to his musical journey. His pop and r&b sound has the natural likability of predecessors like Justin Bieber, and Proehl’s humility and gentle spirit make it hard not to want to root for him.

As an artist expanding his skill set with the piano, guitar, and co-writing sessions, Proehl isn’t afraid of entering new territory. His smooth vocals are just the beginning — he is constantly gaining artistic inspiration from his interpersonal relationships as well as his own journey to physical recovery.

With each song and piece of content that Proehl creates, he hopes his music can act as a way to help people express themselves and avoid putting on any fronts.

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